Fujian diamond-inlaid ball fork stamping

by:Ipromo     2021-06-11

Fujian diamond-inlaid ball fork stamping

The silicone refrigerator magnet is soft and comfortable, has good elasticity, has a delicate feel, smooth surface, and bright color. The silicone refrigerator magnet is made of high-quality silicone Finished, good toughness, bendable, not easy to deform, washable, clean, not afraid of fading. The silicone refrigerator stickers are bright in color, and the cute cartoons are more lively and cute. There is a magnet on the back, which can be attached to the refrigerator to make the kitchen more colorful. Silicone refrigerator magnets usually adopt a multi-color integrated design, which can outline various patterns on the outside and add more color to the boring life. Silicone refrigerator stickers can also be used to decorate the refrigerator. Refrigerators are usually one color, which may not look good, but when you paste this silicone refrigerator magnet, it is different. You can also paste many different types of refrigerators to see if they are still alive.

Fridge magnets first look at the material. After the finished product is cooled, it should be folded slightly. Sample to see if the color of the product we produce is consistent with the sample. Check whether the bottom of the PVC refrigerator magnet is flat, and there should be no air bubbles where the magnet on the back of the product cannot be attached. Again, check the quality of the PVC refrigerator magnet. It mainly depends on whether the product has bubbles, impurities, or color mixing. Refrigerator magnets are generally used for decoration, but also for memos, that is, small notes. For example, if you want to buy any vegetables or other food in the refrigerator, you can write it down on a piece of paper and use a refrigerator sticker.

Magnetic refrigerator magnets are the most widely used refrigerator magnets in homes today. The main component is PVC material. This material should not be damaged, has strong ductility and high strength. After making the shape of the PVC refrigerator magnet, a layer of metal magnet or rubber soft magnet will be glued behind it. So, refrigerator magnets are usually used for decoration, but sometimes they also play a role in recording the amount of food in the refrigerator. In addition to magnetic refrigerator stickers, there are many kinds of magnetic stickers for household applications. The magnetic refrigerator magnet seems to be very simple at first glance, just stick it on the magnetic place at will. Otherwise, there are still many tips in the application of refrigerator magnets.

Fujian diamond-studded ball fork stamping, epoxy magnetic refrigerator magnet. The upper side of the epoxy type is also color printed on coated paper, and the lower side is also a soft glue magnet, which can be made with epoxy peritoneum. Magnetic refrigerator magnet with magnetic material. The key upper side of this kind of material is the back of the peritoneum with color printing on coated paper, while the lower side is the soft magnet. The two can be made by fusion. Magnetic refrigerator magnet made of soft pvc plastic. The main component of this kind of material is the pvc soft rubber coating pattern design back mounted magnet, which is then made with a perfect manufacturing process. Magnetic refrigerator magnet made of glass. The upper side of the glass material is colored printed on coated paper, and the lower side is a soft glue magnet, which is then combined with a semi-circular window after the peritoneal fusion.

Why refrigerator stickers can become the darling of souvenirs? Because it takes into account the three characteristics of regional characteristics, portability and easy preservation. Let's talk about the regional characteristics first. The refrigerator stickers are a gadget, but the regional characteristics are obvious. The fridge magnets you see in Paris must be completely different from the ones you see in London. Even in the same country, the refrigerator magnets you see in different cities are different. For example, the refrigerator magnets in Prague. You can see Castle Hill, Tyn Church, Dancing House, etc., but go to the library seventy kilometers away. Tena Hora, most of the refrigerator stickers you see are the most famous bone church in the area. Therefore, refrigerator stickers have distinct regional characteristics. Seeing the landmarks on the refrigerator stickers to guess the place names is also a good opportunity for travel control to 'show off' insights.

Fujian diamond-studded ball fork stamping, how to use the magnetic refrigerator magnet: Before applying the magnetic refrigerator magnet, the surface of the refrigerator needs to be cleaned, and there must be no dust or moisture, otherwise it will not stick firmly. After it is pasted, use a clean cloth to gently squeeze it to release the excess air bubbles inside. Advantages of magnetic refrigerator magnets: From the aesthetic point of view, magnetic refrigerator magnets have a very good 3D effect, which will look more three-dimensional and beautiful. The overall shape is more realistic and diversified. Everyone can choose according to their own preferences. Tourist souvenirs from some countries will also be made into magnetic refrigerator stickers. We can stick them on the refrigerator at home to make the refrigerator more beautiful.

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