From the car key chain to extend the car maintenance university question

by:Ipromo     2021-06-23

A car is the same as a person. Every car has a key, and each key must be equipped. From the car key fob, the car maintenance university asks that its service life is closely related to the car's condition. Therefore, if the car is in good condition, Maintenance becomes particularly important. In different periods of use, the car conditions are very different. If you want to keep your car in good condition, you need to understand the precautions for maintenance in different cycles.

Car keychain manufacturers divide car maintenance into six major steps to share with you:

1, the running-in period: The car is in the best condition when the car is 1 year old

It is equivalent to adolescence. If there is any quality problem with the car, it will be discovered within almost a year. Doing a good job of ordinary maintenance can make the car handle more smoothly, deal with minor problems in time, and the car will last longer. The first warranty checked the basic condition of the car, and the second warranty replaced the oil and the oil grid for free; the rest of the maintenance was simple maintenance items that you did yourself at your own expense. The first maintenance service of the car is generally carried out according to the recommendations in the car maintenance manual. Because of the use environment, condition and other factors of the car, the maintenance time is also different. It is usually recommended to perform the first maintenance within the range of 5000 kilometers/6 months. Once maintenance, the maintenance of the new car is very important for future use. The time and the number of kilometers can fluctuate slightly, but not too long. For what reason, we will talk about it later. However, for a new car in the running-in period, it is recommended not to refuel or brake quickly, drive smoothly and pay attention to the change of gears. The speed of 60-90 kilometers per hour will help to run-in.

2, the golden age of the car: car age 1-3 years

The car at this time, despite the performance and operation The condition is pretty good, but it is still necessary to carry out general maintenance items, such as changing the oil and filter. The maintenance for this period is the following aspects: Car problems frequently occur during the season change, and the car should be inspected in all aspects. Also need to check the use of wipers, lights and reversing radar. Because these are extremely vulnerable parts and are related to driving safety, if you want to stably cross the three-year warranty period, you must pay attention to it. The condition of the used car within three years of age is relatively good. Since the car is still in the warranty period and has passed the running-in period, there are usually very few 'problem' cars, and a good maintenance is just like a new car.

3, the maturity of the car: 3-5 years of car age

It’s like a person who is over 30, and it starts gradually The same goes for the car when it goes downhill. After three to five years, the quality and quality of the car will start to appear: problems such as aging parts, oil leakage, and water leakage, although the appearance of good quality is still very glamorous. Although the surface of the car is still bright and beautiful, the parts inside the car will gradually age. During this period, the car should pay attention to maintaining the brake pads, fuel pump and shock absorber, and replace them when necessary. Check the brake pads once every 5,000 kilometers. During the inspection, not only check the remaining thickness but also check the wear status of the pads. Is the degree of wear on both sides the same? Is it easy to return to the position. If you find abnormal conditions, you must deal with it immediately. Brake sure Don't wait for the friction material to wear out before replacing it, which is quite dangerous.

4, the decline period of the car: 6~10 years old car

After driving for ten years, the car The performance of the car can be regarded as a year-by-year decline, and the cost of repair and maintenance has also increased year by year. The car needs maintenance and cleaning these parts at a fixed time, just like human beings can’t keep getting old. Problems such as car paint, rubber parts, air conditioning, power system, etc. will be quite prominent. Therefore, during this period, we must strengthen the maintenance of the car, check the car condition at the repair center at a fixed time, and check whether the car has problems before and after each drive. . Then, during maintenance, the engine will be repaired and inspected at a fixed time and the oil will be changed, which can be alleviated by cleaning the engine and changing the oil. In addition to good daily maintenance habits, accurate use of the car can also keep your car in a healthy condition and effectively extend the service life of the car.

5. The elimination period of cars: cars aged 10-15.

Cars are 10-15 years old. It is equivalent to people's old age. Although my country has cancelled the mandatory obsolescence period for non-commercial vehicles, the performance of each part of the vehicle is completely different from before when the vehicle is used in this period, and the owner will feel uneasy when using it, and fear that the road will break down. Regarding the car in this period, not to mention letting it stay in the garage for maintenance, or sending it to the scrap station to sell scrap. In principle, it can only be driven in urban areas or short-to-medium distances, and it must be psychologically prepared. .

6. Car maintenance during the phase-out period

Seeking truth from facts, during this period, it is recommended to replace it with a new car. If you want to use it, you must pay attention to these aspects: whether the chassis has major damages and causes rust. At present, in order to reduce costs, some cars use smaller and smaller batteries, the quality of tires is getting worse and worse, and the brake pads are getting worse and worse. Wear-resistant, tires, batteries, etc. should be checked and replaced periodically. In actual use, a new car in the running-in period should be careful not to drive too fast so that the engine speed is too high and can not maintain a gear for a long time to prevent intense driving. Editor’s Note: If you want your car to accompany you for a few more years, you can put more thoughts on the maintenance of your car! I wish everyone your car will always be in peak condition: the original original paint, air-conditioning, and hot seats. , Give the oil and fly!

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