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by:Ipromo     2021-06-22

How to use    cufflinks: Many male friends around me will ask immediately after knowing that this little thing is a cufflink. In fact, cufflinks should be used on special cufflink shirts. If the cuff contacting the skin is called side A, and the other side is called side B, a cufflink shirt means that the side A on both sides of the cuff is in contact with each other, and then the needle connecting the 'button' part of the cufflink is worn from the cuff on the back of the hand. Down, and then through the cuff on the palm of the hand, and fix it. Use cufflinks, don't miss a shirt with cufflinks. Since cufflinks are expensive, it means that choosing a shirt with cufflinks can't be too bad. How to use cufflinks is actually determined by personal habits and styles.

  Cufflinks need to be rolled up and clamped on the sleeves of shirts or suits. At this time, the sleeves become flat. The sleeves are only used when the sleeves are looser. Buckles are mostly used when matching suits on business occasions, and are one of the accessories of business wear.

   cufflinks are said to have originated in ancient Greece. It should be from the 14th to 17th centuries, from the Gothic Renaissance to the Baroque period, one of the most popular men's dressing arts in Europe. For men who value taste, in addition to rings, cufflinks may be small decorations. Because most of its materials are made of precious metals, and some are also inlaid with diamonds, gems, etc., they have been put on the aura of nobility since their birth. Therefore, cufflinks have become the only single product for people to judge the taste of men, and they are selected and matched. , Use is all a man's learning.

  How to maintain and maintain the cufflinks daily:

   Every time you wear the cufflinks, use a soft cloth to wipe lightly. If you sweat a lot in summer, you should use it Wash with warm water, and store carefully in the packaging box that must be used. It should not be placed randomly, and should be separated from other decorations. Some cufflinks are some more precious crystals, agates, and emeralds. If stains occur If it is, it is better not to wash with warm water, use a brush to wash, then rinse with water and dry it.

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