Features of three-dimensional badges

by:Ipromo     2021-06-11

Characteristics of three-dimensional badges

Compared with common flat badges, three-dimensional badges have a strong three-dimensional feeling and stronger expressive power. The main features are:

It is the badge with the strongest image. Compared with other types of badges, the three-dimensional badge has a strong three-dimensional effect and stronger expressive power; embossed medals, 3D badges, 3D medals, etc., all have embossed three-dimensional badges;

The thickness of three-dimensional badges is generally more than 3mm, which is thicker than ordinary flat badges;

The price of three-dimensional badges is relatively high. Compared with ordinary flat badges, the production process of three-dimensional badges is more complicated. The mold fee is also more expensive, and there are certain requirements for the level of badge production. It belongs to the higher-end badges in badge production and is generally suitable for medals. The above is just a brief summary of the three-dimensional badge technology and the characteristics of the three-dimensional badge. In fact, they have many characteristics. If you want to know more, you can directly contact our customer service, welcome to consult!

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