Epoxy process for badges

by:Ipromo     2021-06-15

 Adding glue is to add a layer of transparent resin on the surface of the badge to protect the badge and make the badge beautiful. It is a common process in the badge making process. So what kind of badge needs glue and what kind of badge does not Add glue, how to distinguish it? In fact, this is determined by the craftsmanship of badge making:

  1. Printing badges need to add glue: used to protect the pattern on the surface of the badge. Common printed badges have silk screens. Printing and lithography are collectively referred to as Dijiao badges or Disu badges.


2. Enamel badges and imitation enamel badges do not need to add glue: the badges are put into the enamel paste, after polishing, the surface becomes smooth and firm, and the color will not be lost lightly. drop.


3. Paint badges generally do not need to add glue: the biggest feature of paint badges is that they have a strong sense of line. After adding glue, there will be no unevenness.


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