Epoxy Metal Memorial Plate Direct Factory

by:Ipromo     2021-06-12

It is necessary to understand the specific project issues of the metal memorial plate. The cost, craftsmanship and other aspects of the production plan of the metal memorial plate of different employees are naturally different. The better the material, the more delicate it is. Naturally, the higher the cost standard, it is also necessary to make a relevant comparison of different schemes when understanding how many lines of metal commemorative plates are made for employees, and then choose. Not only can it make it easier to make metal memorial plates for employees, but it can also give yourself stable funds. For example, we have rich experience in this aspect, and the fee collection of our customized metal memorial discs is relatively low, which can save you a certain amount of money.

Don't think that your own custom-made commemorative metal commemorative plate can meet your supply chain needs in any way. This idea is wrong. If you don’t understand whether the copywriting on its entire surface is exquisite, whether it can express the meaning of the memorial thing, customized and made, it can’t represent the meaning of this accident, it is just a very ordinary metal memorial plate. There is no difference with other metal memorial plates. If you encounter problems in the process of custom-made commemorative metal commemorative plates, you can choose our Mingshun, not only because we have high requirements on the craftsmanship of various gold and silver metal commemorative plates, and can propose different solutions. It is also because we have reached a certain height in custom-made commemorative metal commemorative plates, and we can provide different cases for reference.

Epoxy metal memorial plate direct factory

Since you choose to make a metal memorial plate, you must know the basic metal memorial plate order in advance, such as the size of the metal memorial plate The size, content ratio, basic style, surface texture, etc., are all things that everyone should consider carefully before ordering. In this way, the entire ordering process will be more convenient. You will not choose a wrong ordering plan because you don’t understand the specific requirements. The metal memorial plate ordered will not meet your needs. Need to be re-made.

Metal commemorative plates are a special kind of commemorative items under the category of commemorative plates, also known as metal gift plates and metal gift award plates. According to the material, it can be divided into (1) Pure gold and silver commemorative plates, which are generally made by the sand-finishing process of velvet sand gold and velvet silver silver. The pure gold and silver commemorative plate made by this kind of craftsmanship is not refined enough. Another production method is generally to use hydraulic technology. Generally, a four-column hydraulic press is used to press. The spring gold and silver commemorative plate produced will be much more delicate. (2) Pure copper commemorative plate, this type of commemorative plate is a better type of commemorative plate in general metal commemorative plate.

Metal commemorative disk is the general name of bai with copying of commemorative disk-shaped objects. The collection commemorative disk is publicly issued by the relevant department du. It is used for collecting dao and investment commemorative disks. There are ordinary There are two types of material commemorative plates and metal commemorative plates. The materials used in common material commemorative plates are copper, brass composite plates, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, iron, aluminum, PVC, ceramics, etc. Common material commemorative plates are the most common form of collecting commemorative plates. Due to their low price, The simple release, wide themes, and many collectors have gained the love of collectors.

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