Dongguan foundry production and processing characteristics

by:Ipromo     2021-06-28
The current social and economic development has also promoted the continuous development of the foundry industry. Whether it is iron castings or aluminum castings and other metal castings, in the development of many industries, Dongguan foundry production has different characteristics from other processes, and the main manifestation is adaptation. It has a wide range of characteristics, requires many materials and equipment, and pollutes the environment. Casting production will produce dust, harmful gases and noise that will pollute the environment, which is more serious than other mechanical manufacturing processes. Therefore, it is necessary to take effective measures to control and regulate.

The first is that while the degree of mechanization and automation of foundry production continues to increase, it will develop more flexible production to expand its adaptability to different batches and multi-variety production. In today's society, energy-saving production awareness and new technologies for raw materials will be given priority, and new processes and equipment that produce less or no pollution are important signs of economic development. Therefore, the quality control technology is required to have new developments in the detection of various procedures, non-destructive testing, and stress determination.

Secondly, under the condition of continuous advancement in electronic technology and testing methods, casting workers are required to conduct more in-depth explorations on theories of metal crystallization and solidification and sand compaction to study effective ways to improve the performance and internal quality of castings, thereby Improve the use and production efficiency of castings.

Finally, the product. The development trend of Dongguan foundry products is to require castings with better comprehensive performance, higher precision, less margin and smoother surface. In addition, energy-saving requirements and the society's call for restoration of the natural environment are also increasing.
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