Dongguan flashing metal commemorative plate craft

by:Ipromo     2021-06-28

Dongguan flashing metal commemorative plate crafts

Aipluo Crafts Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and customization of metal commemorative plates. The business types include: Lions metal commemorative plates, Epoxy Metal commemorative plates, cartoon metal commemorative plates, May 1st metal commemorative plates, frosted metal commemorative plates, hollow metal commemorative plates, three-dimensional metal commemorative plates, etc. We are united in thinking, full-hearted, and quick to respond to customer needs. Employees have a good working environment. The control of production efficiency and quality has been recognized by customers for a long time, and we have established long-term cooperative relations with customers. To achieve quality as the truth, customer first, and honesty as the foundation for business!

The value of metal commemorative discs is more expensive, so there are certain fakes on the market. If you want to avoid buying fakes, don’t trust those flags that make money at a loss. Otherwise, you may lose money to yourself because of your greed for cheap. If you don’t know how to distinguish it from the true and false, it is recommended to go to a professional sales point to buy it. Of course, if you can buy a metal commemorative plate with an identification certificate. If your own financial conditions permit, you should buy a set of metal commemorative discs when you buy them, because this will ensure room for appreciation.

The travel metal commemorative plate is not only small in appearance and unique in landscape, but also has the significance of collection. It is a good choice as home decorations and gifts to friends and relatives. The rise of travel souvenirs also brings personalized products Going to the new vitality, special customization, exclusive engraving, etc., so that travel souvenirs are no longer a single ornament or painting in the past, but a product of art that brings people a sense of beauty. Of course, you can also participate in the design throughout the process. , Combining your ideas and creativity, the components are customized products.

Dongguan flashing metal commemorative plate craftsmanship

We implement modern enterprise management mode to provide customers with full tracking service more convenient and faster; stable quality and considerate after-sales service. At present, with its high-quality reputation and influence, it has established good cooperative relations with customers in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Africa, Canada and other countries. We have always carried a group of professional production teams with rich experience and strong technology, which can quickly solve problems efficiently and quickly according to customer needs. Our company wholeheartedly cooperates with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad to create a better future, go international with colleagues and customers, make progress together, build a benchmark enterprise in the industry, and let more colleagues show their own style on the national stage and prove their value.

With the development of the economy, many individuals and units are now pursuing individualization. In addition to solving some personalized decorations, they also meet certain collection and commemorative needs. The personalized metal commemorative plate is an exclusive commemorative metal plate used for units or employees to encourage customization. It can be made into personalized metal memorial plates of different shapes, colors and sizes according to customer requirements, and can be attached to clothes or bags as decoration. Small ornaments with special significance made of metal commemorative plates, exquisite and commemorative value, such as gifts for friends and customers are very nice small crafts, gift is light and righteous.

Metal commemorative disk is the general name of bai with copying of commemorative disk-shaped objects. The collection commemorative disk is publicly issued by the relevant department du. It is used for collecting dao and investment commemorative disks. There are ordinary There are two types of material commemorative plates and metal commemorative plates. The materials used in common material commemorative plates are copper, brass composite plates, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, iron, aluminum, PVC, ceramics, etc. Common material commemorative plates are the most common form of collecting commemorative plates. Due to their low price, The simple release, wide themes, and many collectors have gained the love of collectors.

In the production process of metal memorial plate manufacturers, every process is very important, such as drawings. Even simple lines are very important. This is the first step in badge production, and the follow-up work is based on this. You even need to align the artwork. If these lines are missing and subsequent personnel cannot find these lines, they are all discarded. Pay special attention to the alignment of the mold position when stamping. The polishing quality cannot be ignored. It must be thrown until it fits. This is also very important, especially for gold plating. The time must be controlled during electroplating, otherwise the chromatic aberration will easily occur. The follow-up work is coloring, just like a human face. This is usually a manual operation and requires skilled employees. By operating it, you can avoid the color on some impurities, bottoming phenomenon and other problems. After completing the above process, the badge can be packaged.

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