Customized metal crafts-what is crafts?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-06

Crafts: handicraft products. That is, products with artistic value that are processed by hand or machine from raw materials or semi-finished products.

Handicraft classification:

Wood, tooth, bamboo, carbon, jade carving, Mahan glass, color carving, resin, Wenwan walnut, ceramics, paper-cutting, etc.

The specific name of the handicraft is:

Wood carving, paste carving, tooth carving, bamboo carving, charcoal carving, cloisonne, Tang Sancai, Shiwan doll, paper cutting, resin, Wenwan walnut, ceramics, embroidery , Colored glaze crafts, lacquerware, bronzes, jade, blue printed cloth, knitted products (wicker weaving, corn husk weaving, straw weaving, bamboo weaving), crystal plants, ice crystal painting, ice crystal painting, bamboo curtain painting, wheat stalk painting, special craft (iron painting , Velvet sand gold, crystal salt lamp),

velvet sand gold, magnetic levitation, iron art, wood art leather art, etc.

The development prospects of handicrafts:

Handicrafts have always been China’s traditional export products. They are exquisitely made and low-cost, which can cater to the trend. Therefore, they have always been in Europe and the United States. Broad market. Chinese handicrafts are rich in content, lively and interesting, and low prices. This is why so many foreigners love handicrafts, and the prospects for development are very impressive.

For some of the relatively large-scale crafts manufacturers in China, their main mode of operation is their own design and production, and the main way to promote their business is e-commerce. At present, the domestic crafts industry is mainly export-oriented, and its proportion will exceed the domestic market, especially the enterprises in the Pearl River Delta.

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