Customized Metal Badge-Customized Metal Badge Thickness and Size Specification

by:Ipromo     2021-06-05

The thickness and size of custom metal badges generally have certain specifications, let's take a look together below.

The customized size of the metal badge will directly affect the value of the badge. The larger the size, the higher the value. The shape is different, and the size needs to be determined according to the badge design drawing and use. Generally, the round shape is mostly used. The commonly used badge size is about 20-35mm, and the calculated badge size is determined according to the diameter of the longest side.

A hair diameteru003d19mm; five hair diameteru003d20mm; one yuan diameteru003d25mm.

Common sizes: square 28mm, round 20-25mm, oval 32mm. The larger size can be 50mm, and the smaller size can be 15mm.

1) Generally custom-made rot, bite, and etched badges, printed badges (lithographic printing, screen printing, offset printing) with a thickness of 0.8mm.

2) General custom-made paint badges, stamping badges, imitation enamel badges, cloisonne enamel badges, zinc alloy die-cast badges with a thickness of 1.2mm.

3) General custom-made double-sided coins, commemorative medals, commemorative coins and medals with a thickness of 30mm.

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