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by:Ipromo     2021-06-09

   cuffs became an important display part of shirts, and it gradually existed after 1530 for the purpose of protecting against the cold. At that time, either the sleeves were turned upside down (the prototype of the French double-fold), or another piece of cloth was attached, and then a rope (this rope later developed into the cufflinks of the cufflinks) was connected to the wrists, so that the cuffs The first part will unfold like a flower, and it will be very beautiful with different materials and colors.

   Cufflinks use attention: Cufflinks must be kept away from chemicals, such as nail polish, gel water, toilet water, etc., because these chemical agents will cause the cufflinks to turn black and yellow If it is stained, please wipe it with an absorbent cloth or paper towel as soon as possible.

  How to maintain and maintain the cufflinks daily:

   Every time you wear the cufflinks, use a soft cloth to wipe lightly. If you sweat a lot in summer, you should use it Wash with warm water, and store carefully in the packaging box that must be used. It should not be placed randomly, and should be separated from other decorations. Some cufflinks are some more precious crystals, agates, and emeralds. If stains occur If it is, it is better not to wash with warm water, use a brush to wash, then rinse with water and dry it.

  Cufflinks are the buttons specially used for shirt cufflinks. Their size is almost the same as ordinary buttons, but because of the fine materials and shapes, there are more styles. Customization with individual needs plays a good role in decoration, which can reflect the outstanding taste and fashion sense of the wearer in casual gestures.

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