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by:Ipromo     2021-06-17

The usage rules of    tie clip:

  1. The small one gives people a neat and refreshing feeling. It has a specific position when it is worn, counting from top to bottom. , Don’t be between the third and fourth button of the shirt. Generally, the tie clip should be invisible or slightly exposed from the outside when you buckle the suit;

  2. When choosing a tie clip, you will Find different styles of long and short, this is to match the design of different width ties, usually the length of your tie clip must not exceed the width of the tie position, unless you want to be a funny artist. The standard length is 3/4 the length of your tie;

  3, the collar clip is not only sandwiched between the 3rd and 4th buttons of the shirt, but also the front of the shirt is clipped in at the same time, instead of light. Light clip two piece tie. It is better if the clip is tilted slightly downwards. The clip should not be clamped parallel to the tie, so that an elegant short arc will appear on your territory.

   Because in accordance with the rules of makeup etiquette, the main purpose of the tie clip is to fix the tie. Forcing the shirt collar to be buttoned is too ostentatious.

  Tie clip is a clothing product designed to keep the tie close to the body and sag. The tie clip can reflect the gentleman's demeanor of men, is more tasteful, and shows the fashion of modern people. It is often needed when wearing a suit on general occasions.

   Clip the tie on the shirt lapel so that the tie will look straighter, will not be blown up by the wind, and will not hang straight to the ground when you bend over. Show respect for others and courtesy. The popularity of classic retro styles has led to the return of traditional men's accessories. The tie clipped to the man's chest disappeared for a long time, and was even considered a symbol of old-fashioned and rigid. In fact, the tie clip can not only enhance the taste of men, but also show the fashion atmosphere of modern people.

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