Custom magnetic hat clip useful metal hat clip custom phone

by:Ipromo     2021-06-17

The role of    golf hat clip:

   When playing golf, the ball is on the green to mark the position of the ball. At this time, you remove the cap clip and mark the position of the ball. And take the ball away, so that your companions who play golf with you will not touch your ball when putting. When you put the ball, you need to put the ball back in place and put it into the hole. This is the basic courtesy of golf. When the balls do not collide with each other, it is not a foul not to mark the ball, but it does not respect your partner.

  Golf hat clip detailed introduction:

   This product is small, easy to carry, practical and durable;

  Color: Refer to the picture, can be Customized production according to requirements;

  Packaging: white box packaging, can be customized according to requirements;

  Features: material, handle feel comfortable;

  material: stainless steel, Aluminum, magnetic sheet, etc.;

  LOGO: can be printed according to requirements, thermal transfer, laser, electro-erosion, etc.;

   suitable for: home, golf, outdoor travel, gifts, Gifts, etc.

  When wearing a hat, the worry is that the hat is easily blown off, revealing the unwashed hair inside. If the hat does not fall, you need to use a hat clip, a hat clip It is a small object clipped to the brim of the hat. The round surface on it is a magnet. It is convenient to put on it when not in use, and it will not fall off.

  The cap clip is a mark used to mark the position of the ball (a basic courtesy for golfing). It consists of 2 pieces to form a round ball mark and a clip base underneath , The brim of the hat can be clamped directly on it. The hat clip is a small object that is clamped on the brim of the hat. The round surface on the top is a magnet. It is convenient to put on it when not in use, and it will not fall off.

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