Custom-made commemorative discs

by:Ipromo     2021-06-08

  Shenzhen Aipro Craft Products Co., Ltd. The main processes are: etching (biting board), press punching, paint injection (oil filling), wire drawing, silk screen printing, flat printing, spray painting, electroplating, epoxy resin, imitation enamel, zinc alloy Die casting, offset printing, etc. The materials can be aluminum, copper, iron, zinc alloy, stainless steel, tinplate, pewter, acrylic, PVC and other materials. Please provide the following information for customized badges:

  1: product graphics or samples;

  2: product size, thickness, material;

  3: plating color;

  4: provide domestic color number (CMYK) or PA*NE color number;


  5: Product production quantity and requirements, etc.;

   Please provide the badge vector draft or physical model in CorelDraw or Illustrator format from customers who need to customize or quote. Via: Email or call us directly contact.

The production process of    commemorative disc:

  1. Commonly used production software for design drawings and product drawings include ps image processing software, graphics production software and vector drawing software;


  2. Make the product mold, remove the color of the artwork designed by the computer, and make a black and white manuscript showing the metal bumps of the product in black and white, and then use a fully automatic engraving machine to engrave according to the design draft. After the engraving is completed , And then heat the mold to enhance the hardness and durability of the mold.

  3. The production of products is generally divided into stamping, hydraulic pressure, die-casting, corrosion and other processes;

   stamping: install the carved mold on the machine and transfer the product pattern Press it onto the required metal material, and then use the finished blanking die to punch down the product according to the shape of the product;

  hydraulic: Use the finished blanking die to first use the product according to the shape Punch down, adjust the mold, and place the punched product on the machine to press the pattern;

   Die casting: Die casting is a method of pouring molten alloy liquid into the press chamber and filling the steel mold at high speed Mold cavity, and make the alloy liquid solidify outside the pressure to form a casting method;

  4. Corrosion: First, make a film according to the product pattern, and then print the pattern on the film on the material, and then Put the prepared syrup into the corrosion pattern;

  5. Polishing: Remove the burrs on the surface and the periphery of the finished product to improve the smoothness of the product;

  6 electric, plating And coloring: According to customer requirements, the products are electroplated, which can be gold-plated, silver-plated, nickel-plated, copper-plated, matt gold, etc., and then paint the product surface according to the customer's requirements, and print glue and other processes. Through these steps, the production of products that meet the customer's requirements is completed;

  7. Packaging: The finished product is packaged according to the customer's requirements, generally ordinary packaging (single opp bag packaging) and medium packaging , We will operate in accordance with customer requirements.

  The craftsmanship and material of the custom-made commemorative plate:

   First of all, we must understand that the custom-made gold and silver commemorative plate and the commemorative award plate are actually the same commemorative gift. The technology and materials used are also the same, but the name is different. The commemorative plate is also very suitable for wide use in tourist attractions. It can be used as a travel commemorative plate to give to friends or relatives. Organizations and anniversary celebrations can be customized as an anniversary commemorative plate, school anniversary celebration It can be used as a school anniversary commemorative plate, etc. It can be seen that the application range of the commemorative plate is very wide and not limited;

   Units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the military and cultural field can customize the commemorative plate, sterling silver The memorial plate can not only be customized in a wide range of fields, but also can be selected in many materials. The common materials of the memorial plate are pure silver, gold-plated, brass, ceramics, etc. Commemorative discs can also be made of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other precious metals or their alloys. Pure silver commemorative discs can be customized according to process requirements. The commemorative discs made of thousand pure gold and thousand pure silver are called pure gold, pure Silver commemorative plate.

   Ceramic commemorative plate: We often see it in many ancient costume TVs. In those powerful or ancient buildings, there will be some ceramic commemorative plates. The most common ones are blue and white ceramics. There are mostly commemorative plates, so the patterns on each ceramic commemorative plate are different. They record the culture and artistic price of that era, and the history of civilization of an era. There are always carriers to write down it. The common ones are ours. A lot of paper, low cost, convenient, but not a lot of storage time, long storage time, it must go through special treatment, can be stored for a few years, but we know more about ceramics, look at the many cultural relics we have unearthed now Still ceramics.

  The precious metal commemorative plate is also called the precious metal commemorative plate. It is made of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium or their alloys. Most varieties are made of gold and silver. Generally, precious metal commemorative plates are called gold and silver commemorative plates or simply referred to as gold and silver plates. Plates with a certain commemorative significance can be used as business gifts or ornaments. Generally it can be called a memorial plate. Commemorative plates are made of a wide range of materials, including ceramics, zinc alloys, brass, copper and so on.

   'Customer-centric, honest and trustworthy to do distribution' service promise, always adhere to the entrepreneurial spirit of 'quality, excellence in production, 'Strictly control product quality and exceed customer expectations' is our eternal purpose and pursuit.

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