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by:Ipromo     2021-06-07

   golf hat clip customization can widely meet the needs of different customers all over the world. The products produced are of novel styles, complete varieties and reasonable prices, and have been favored by merchants from all over the world since its establishment. The product materials are mainly zinc alloy, copper, iron, stainless steel, and aluminum.

   This hat clip is made by stamping copper material, and then polishing the edge, making soft enamel process, grinding and polishing, electroplating and other processes, or electroplating color Manufactured. The surface of the product is bright and real, and the appearance of the product.

  The hat clip is a small object clipped on the brim of the hat. The round surface on it is a magnet. It is convenient to put on it when not in use, and it will not fall off. The metal hat clip is made of copper, and it is painted as a baking varnish process, which is used to promote the sale of gifts.

The production process of    golf hat clip products:

  1, plane, relief, three-dimensional, plane plus relief;

  2 Baking varnish, baking varnish Gabriel, flat baking (soft enamel);

  3, gold, silver, ancient copper, ancient bronze, white nickel, black nickel, tin, ancient gold, ancient silver, two-color electroplating, Electrophoresis paint;

  4, rubber cap, butterfly cap, safety pin, long needle, card cap, screw, bead chain.

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