Custom badges talk about why zinc alloy badges will not rust

by:Ipromo     2021-06-19

Zinc alloy material is one of the relatively high-quality raw materials in the manufacture of customized stamps. It is generally used to manufacture stamps and commemorative applications with storage and use value and long storage time

Zinc alloy material is an aluminum alloy mixed with zinc and other materials. The color of zinc alloy material is the same color as silver white. Because of its strong ductility, it has a wide range of applications nowadays. It is often used in Produce craft products made of various metal materials such as key rings, badges, souvenirs, souvenir plates, and souvenir plates. Because the products manufactured with it are not rusty and wear-resistant, a product can usually be used for a long time, so it can always be loved by everyone.

The reason that zinc alloy material does not rust is similar to its own automatic defense management system. Because zinc element is closely combined with oxygen in the air, it will be converted into a part on the surface. The delicate passivation treatment film prevents the gas from eroding the conventional interior of the metal material again, thereby achieving the effect of maintenance. After a long time, the surface of the zinc alloy material will be fading, but after the surface is hung, the inside is still the original zinc alloy The material is generally the same, no matter how the surface is etched, it is not easy to turn into something similar to rust. Many other zinc alloy material products now have a layer of metal material on the surface of the electroplating process.

The stamp of zinc alloy material is made of aluminum die-casting and clamping. The products produced are of high-precision quality, clear edges, clearly visible pictures and text, and the strength is higher than that of tin-aluminum alloy, and it has very good wear resistance. Performance, the surface of castings is smooth, not easy to be deformed by grinding and polishing, and there are few sand holes. Surface solutions can be carried out, such as electroplating, painting, spraying, etc.

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