Custom badge manufacturers: the production process of metal badges

by:Ipromo     2021-06-16

Hardware badges are usually used as special commemorative medals, which are characterized by roundness, high-end, and especially the texture of red copper. Gold badges are high-quality products in badges and are usually issued in limited quantities for special commemorative events. The badge made of iron material has a light and thin appearance, fine workmanship, accurate color matching, bright surface and not easy to corrode. Let's take a look at the production process of metal badges with badge manufacturers.

In the production process of metal badge manufacturers, every process is very important, such as drawings. Even simple lines are very important. This is a step in badge production, and follow-up work is based on it. You even need to align the artwork. If these rows are missing and the successor cannot be found, they are all discarded. Pay special attention to the alignment of the mold position when stamping. The polishing quality cannot be ignored. It must be thrown until it fits. This is also very important, especially gilding. The time must be controlled during electroplating, otherwise the chromatic aberration will easily occur. The follow-up work is coloring, just like a human face. This is usually a manual operation and requires skilled employees. By operating it, you can avoid the color on some impurities, bottoming phenomenon and other problems. After completing the above process, the badge can be packaged. The specific process includes:

1. Badge manufacturer: design badge artwork. If you want to generate 3D badge rendering, you need the support of 3DMax and other software. The ability of the color system to better match colors and reduce chromatic aberrations.

2. Badge manufacturers: manufacture badge molds. The manuscript designed on the computer was used to remove the missing colors. The manuscript is made with the color of the corners, exposing the concave and convex metal corners. Use sensitizer to print on sulfuric acid paper in a certain proportion, use ink to make engraving template, and then use engraving machine to engrave the template. After the carving is completed, the model needs to be heat treated to increase the hardness of the mold.

3, badge manufacturers: suppression. Place the frequently heat-treated badge mold equipment on the stamping workbench, and then transfer the pattern to different badge manufacturing materials such as copper or iron plates.

4. Badge manufacturer: punching. Using a pre-made cutting die, squeeze the object according to the shape of the object, and press the object downward.

5. Badge manufacturer: polishing. Put the perforated items into the polishing machine for polishing to remove the perforated burrs and improve the brightness of the badge.

Badge manufacturer: Weld badge accessories, weld the back of the product and badge specification accessories together.

7. Electroplating and coloring the badge. According to customer requirements, the badge can be gold-plated, silver-plated, nickel-plated, copper-plated, etc. , And then color the badge to complete the color, and bake at high temperature to enhance the color fastness.

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