Custom badge Epoxy badge is also called printed badge

by:Ipromo     2021-06-19

Epoxy badges are generally called printed badges, because the final process of making badges is to add a layer of transparent protective resin (Poly) to the surface of the badges. The materials used for epoxy badges are mainly stainless steel and bronze. 2 kinds of materials, the default thickness is 0.8mm, according to the different production process, divided into screen printing, flat printing. Customized badges

Silk-screen printing badges: mainly for simple graphics, less colors, and sometimes need to be in imitation enamel badges The surface of the screen is used to overprint all kinds of small pictures and texts.

Lithographic printing: For the complex patterns and more colors, especially the gradual discoloration of the badges, such as tourist attractions badges are most suitable for lithographic printing. The badges produced can perfectly reproduce the scenery of the scenic area.

The measurement standard of the Epoxy badge:

1. The content, pattern, and manuscript of the badge are printed clearly, clearly, without photocopying, and without overlap;< /p>

2. The back plate material of the badge does not appear to be shoddy or shoddy;

3. The dripping process in the transparent plastic dripping on the surface of the badge is perfect, and the pattern is up and down. Centered;

4. There is no stain when printing badges, the probability of color difference is small, and there are few bubbles when dripping plastic.

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