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by:Ipromo     2021-06-26

  The exquisite and cute cartoon pattern design of the ring buckle must be very popular with girls. It’s more convenient to follow the drama in the dormitory when nothing is wrong. Is it more convenient to have it? It is made of PC material + nano micro-absorbent design, paste Stronger, stronger, can also be rotated in all directions, more convenient to use.

  Mobile phone ring buckle is low in cost, but it is very practical:

  As the screen of mobile phones gets bigger and bigger, the battery capacity is more and more. The weight has also risen linearly. Although the large screen brings a strong visual impact and brings great convenience to watching videos, it is undeniable that after a large screen mobile phone is held for a period of time, it will definitely cause palm soreness. Whether sitting or lying down, the actual experience of watching mobile videos on large-screen phones is actually not good. So, is there any way to solve this problem: buying a mobile phone holder can easily solve this problem. With the mobile phone holder, you can easily put the mobile phone on the table and allow the user to adjust it at an appropriate angle to ensure a good viewing experience. With the mobile phone holder, both hands and cervical spine are liberated, which is indeed a healthy weapon.

  Which position of the mobile phone ring sticker is easy to use: It is better to stick it in the middle, the placement is relatively stable, and the two sides of the sticker are symmetrical in the middle and it is more beautiful.

  1. On the back, you can see where your middle finger or index finger is when you hold the phone, so you can stick it so that you can pass it through. Put the ring buckle without the sticker on the middle finger of the common hand, hold the phone with one hand, find a comfortable position, and mark the position with a pen that can remove traces. Remove the ring buckle, tear off the sticker and stick the ring buckle to the phone according to the markings and remove the marks on the phone;

  2, it’s better to have a phone case, although the rubber of the ring buckle is removable. , But the longer it is attached to the phone itself, the tighter it becomes, and it’s hard to get it off after too long. Pasting is very simple, just peel off the glue and paste it directly. If the display is not good, just unplug it and paste it again.

The nine advantages of    mobile phone ring buckle:

  1, mobile phone ring stand, 360-degree rotation, foldable, stylish shape, easy to use;

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  2, it is not a disposable product, it can be used repeatedly for N times, leaving no traces, environmental protection and no glue dropping;

  3, the new strong bracket glue can be washed with water, is soft and does not damage the surface of the paste;< /p>

  4. When the number of uses increases and the adhesion is not good, the adhesive surface can be washed with water, and the adhesion can be restored to the original after drying;

   5. For mobile phones When the stand, the angle can be adjusted freely;

  6. One-handed mobile phone operation, mobile phone camera function, oh;

  7, one-handed operation touch screen mobile phone, tablet computer, etc. Function, don’t worry about being unable to hold it;

  8, convenient for text input, or games, or watching movies;

  9, effectively reduce walking, crowded places, hand-held digital products to prevent Falling, preventing theft and robbery.

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