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by:Ipromo     2021-06-17

  Drinking is a very enjoyable thing, but it is very difficult to open the bottle cap. It is basically impossible to open the bottle cap with bare hands. Therefore, before drinking, we must first be equipped with a multifunctional corkscrew, so that we can open the caps of many kinds of wine. There are many types of multifunctional corkscrews on the market, and their functions are quite complicated, which may be difficult to use.

   Drinking is an art, and opening a wine bottle cap is also an art and technique. It takes time to be able to open the cap of a wine bottle skillfully. When functioning a corkscrew, you may feel that the multifunctional corkscrew is not as powerful as the legend, but the function of the multifunctional corkscrew is indeed very large. If you practice it well, you will be able to open a lot of wine bottle caps.

  Precautions for opening beer bottles with a bottle opener:

   1. When using a beer bottle opener, be sure to pay attention to safety and avoid injury Own;

  2. After opening the bottle cap, your face must be far away from the position of the bottle cap, because the strength of the beer opener will make the cap bounce up, and it will easily cause the cap if it is not operated well. Bumping the skin;

  3. When opening a beer bottle, avoid excessive hand strength and cracks on the beer bottle body, so use a bottle opener safely.

The use of    beer bottle opener:

   Beer bottle opener uses the principles of physics, with the help of the power of our human body, but it still needs Warm reminder: When using the beer opener, you must pay attention to safety and prevent some man-made accidents. When opening the bottle cap, you must keep your face away from the position of the bottle cap. The force of the bottle opener will make the cap bounce, which can easily cause the cap to bounce on our skin. Also, avoid excessive hand strength and beer. The bottle is cracked, so use the bottle opener safely and drink beer happily. Drinking beer is the kind of enjoyment that drives away the heat of summer, it is better to drink a cold beer.

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