Commonly used size and thickness of badge customization

by:Ipromo     2021-06-16

Common specifications and thickness of the stamp customization

The appearance of the stamp varies, and the specifications need to be clarified based on the badge design drawing and the main purpose of the stamp. Generally, the ring shape is the majority. Common stamp specifications are 20-25mm, and the calculated stamp specifications are determined according to the diameter of the largest side:

One yuan coinu003d25mm diameter

Five cents coinu003ddiameteru003d20mm

A dime coinu003ddiameteru003d19mm

If the size is smaller, choose 15mm

If the size is large, you can choose 50mm

Ring 20-25mm is common The specification is 25mm

Square 28mm

Oval 32mm

Specifications of commemorative plates, commemorative gold coins, commemorative medals, double-sided coins:

Diameter 40-60mm, thickness 3mm

Specifications for stamp thickness:

0.8mm bite, rot, and etched stamps, packaging and printing stamps (Ink printing, tablet packaging printing, gravure printing)

1.2mm stamping die stamp, spray paint stamp, cloisonne cloisonne enamel stamp, imitation cloisonne enamel stamp, zinc alloy die casting stamp

3.0Mm commemorative plaque, commemorative medal, commemorative gold coin, two-sided coin

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