Commemorative coins long-term marketization dominated by coins

by:Ipromo     2021-06-10

Commemorative coins are specially issued by the central bank to commemorate certain events that circulate with the equivalent existing currency in the market. However, since the launch of commemorative coins in China, due to historical reasons, commemorative coins not only have low circulation, but also have opaque external circulation. Most commemorative coins flow to the collection market, so commemorative coins have a considerable space for appreciation in the collection area

Is the commemorative coin huge or bad?

However, since last year, commemorative coins have begun to grow rapidly. In order to collect, the unfavorable factors are much higher than the favorable factors. The main reason is that the current society generally cannot accept commemorative coins as a common currency. Circulation, money consumption is very small, and the circulation is equivalent to the quantity of the world. The collection value of commemorative coins is therefore difficult to upgrade. After all, more collections are 'scarceThe lack of grasp of the amount of speculation is not conducive to it.

In the case of huge circulation, the circulation commemorative coins cannot be consumed, but the appreciation ability is lost. Therefore, some people suggest that the future of central bank issuing commemorative coins can reduce circulation, otherwise it will obliterate the circulating commemorative coin market, and circulating commemorative coins will lose their investment value-added function and dilute the meaning of collection. So, is this reasonable?

In fact, this idea is not comprehensive. The circulation of commemorative coins is not the meaning of collection, but 'circulation.' The problem of commemorative coins is not to invest in appreciation, but As a means of commemoration. The collection of commemorative coins is just a monument to its derivatives. Because the previous coins were obtained in a rare way, commemorative coins have naturally become the favorite of collections. Perhaps the purpose of issuing incremental commemorative coins by the central bank is to promote the circulation and consumption of commemorative coins, which has the value of further healthy growth. If you simply reduce the circulation of commemorative coins, there will be more profit or currency instead of collectors. After all, the less the number of collectibles, the higher the cost of collection for ordinary collectors.

Attachment: Commemorative coin collection notes

1, try not to touch the surface directly with your hands, because hand sweat will contaminate gold The surface of the silver surface is best sealed with plastic gold and silver coins, so it is more convenient to watch the watch, and it is also necessary to prevent dust in the air from polluting the surface of the gold and silver. Try not to collapse, because collisions tend to leave marks.

2. If the gold and silver coins are hard, they should be gently washed in warm soapy water, then gently wiped with a soft cloth, rinsed with water, and finally placed in a dry and ventilated place ; Try not to use alkaline light water to rinse, do not use brushes, alkaline is easy to cause corrosion of the surface of gold and silver.

3, where the gold and silver coins are stored where the silica gel changes color, it mainly plays a role of moisture; when it is dry, the silica gel is blue, and the absorbed moisture will turn red . It is best to place a safe place in a damp and damp place.

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