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by:Ipromo     2021-06-07

  Zhongshan Aipuruo Craft Products Co., Ltd. main products: badges, medals, commemorative coins, number plates, advertising badges, keychains, tie clips, cufflinks, belt buckles, clothing accessories, shoe decorations, luggage accessories , Bookmarks, mobile phone straps, hat clips, ball forks, envelope knives, alloy plates, three-dimensional reliefs, table decorations and other metal craft products. The main processes include stamping, etching, die-casting, offset printing, silk screen printing, baking varnish, soft enamel, glue and so on.

   Nowadays, medal customization is a very common thing. It usually appears in wedding celebrations, company anniversary, major event meetings, and we can see them. So when we customize medals What should be paid attention to? Let us explain to you some things that should not be ignored when making medals:

  1. Medal design style: The primary factor of medal design is the style and style of medal design, with different shapes. And it must be fresh and refined, which is a very rare type on the market;

  2, the price of medal production: one penny one product has always been the rule of any industry and any product. Now it is difficult to obtain products at very low prices;

  3. The font standard of medals: Many medals claim to be medals, but the fonts in the medals will not be used. The title of the medal is set as I don't know which font and which font is set for the text at all. It is necessary to understand all the commonly used fonts;

  4. The content of the medal is correct: Today's civilized units not only require the nature of the medal, but it is easy to overlook the correct content of the medal. When making a medal, it is important to check and verify the content of the medal;

  5. The layout of the medal: We think that no one likes the colorful medal layout. The cleanness here does not mean dirty, it is mainly messy;

  6. Materials for medal making: materials for medal making. From the current demand group for medal customization, it is obvious that bronze medals and stainless steel medals have been Can not meet the needs of customers, the choice of medal material determines whether the medal is correct;

  7. Medal customization process: In the nameplate making industry, what kind of production process and production level are used to make the medal will make this The medal reflects its place in terms of sex and uniqueness.

   Regardless of the product, the customized craftsmanship in the production process is a key factor that directly determines the quality, and the customization of pure gold medals is no exception. So why is it said that the craftsmanship of the customized pure gold medal directly determines the quality:

  The main customized material for the customized pure gold medal is pure gold.

The primary factor of    pure gold medal customization is the design style and pattern matching. The shape design must be unique, fresh and not tacky, which is a rare type on the market.

   What kind of coinage technology and manufacturing process are used will make the medal show its original orientation and positioning in terms of sex and uniqueness, not to mention pure gold products, which must be compared carefully.

   We all know that commemorative medals, medals, medal customization, drawing and die-casting stamping are indispensable processes. These processes have a more important part, and we are making The place to pay attention to commemorative medals, medals, and medals is electroplating. Electroplating also plays a very important role in the production of medals, medals, and medals.

   Our company provides various commemorative medal customization services for enterprises, institutions, teams, and individuals, and integrates corporate cultural elements with artistic creativity. Design, budget, production and packaging one-stop supporting services, according to the requirements of different customers, tailor-made gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other culturally significant precious metal medals, suitable for enterprises and institutions, activity groups, organizations It is used in corporate publicity, group activities, product promotion, employee welfare, festival celebrations and other occasions, certified by the national testing agency, and pure gold and silver guarantee!

   'Strictly control product quality and exceed customer expectations' is our Eternal purpose and pursuit. We believe that 'creating for our peers means accomplishing our career for ourselves'. Looking forward to working with new and old customers to create a brilliant tomorrow! Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life, new and old customers to order drawings and samples, come and inquire to discuss cooperation matters!

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