Color processing skills in the process of customizing metal medals

by:Ipromo     2021-06-06

  I believe everyone is familiar with metal medals. Medals are a kind of proof issued to the winners of various competitions. They are generally made of metal. Metal medals usually need to be colored during the customization process. So how should they be applied? Color? When customizing metal medals, they can be adjusted into different colors according to customer preferences. When selecting colors, we often need to use professional color cards to compare them, and use the original paint to formulate colors that meet customer requirements. .

  When metal medals are customized, the color adjustment is not simple. These colors, such as emerald green, colorful green and other green, cyan red, warm red, Robin red, etc. The colors are colorful. Generally speaking, the Pantone color system is mostly used in the metal medal customization industry, namely PantoneSolidCoated. The commonly used primary color pigments are white, black, brownish yellow, water blue and many other colors. As far as brownish yellow is concerned, we can use it to modulate dark green and dark yellow; lemon yellow can be used to modulate bright yellow and bright green. For example, the commonly used 364,368 tone is to add aqua blue to lemon yellow. The upper blue is a color that is easier to spend. When using it, pay attention to the appropriate amount. Generally, it will be used in conjunction with some other colors. As a deep and thick primary color pigment, sea blue is not easy to see the bottom. It is generally used to modulate colors such as 281, 282, and 288. A red color is generally used to modulate some darker colors, such as 201, 202, etc., but one thing to note is that the original paint has relatively large particles, so even if we use some filters, it will be very It is easy to block the needle tube, so it is more complicated than the original paint of other colors when it is used. As a kind of purple original paint pigment, it can be used to modulate some purple-containing colors, but since it is easy to change color after the preparation is completed and baked, we generally bake it with The color card is compared, not directly compared after modulation, because only the colors in this way can meet our production requirements.

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