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by:Ipromo     2021-06-14

How to use   cufflinks:

   Pass the cufflink handle through the cuffs of a French shirt. Adjust the cuff ends of the shirt neatly and tighten the cuffs. Lock the cufflinks. Adjust the direction of the cufflinks. Making it beautiful and suitable will not appear obtrusive and become the finishing touch.

   The cuffs of the shirt should show one inch from the cufflinks of the suit. The cuffs become an important display part of the shirt. Although it is an excellent accessory, it is worth noting that it is like not wearing a dress without expensive jewelry necklaces. , Ordinary shirts or non-formal suits do not need cufflinks.

   Whether it is a shirt with unilateral cuffs or a shirt with French cuffs, you can wear cufflinks. Note that when the shirt with French cuffs is cuffed, the cuff button holes on the two layers should correspond.

  Cufflinks are also a part of the clothes, how to use them? Reasonable matching, reflecting the taste of men. Friends who like to wear shirts have noticed the problem of cuff buttons. When it comes to dressing and matching, no detail can be given up.

  Cufflinks are the buttons specially used for shirt cufflinks. Their size is almost the same as ordinary buttons, but because of the fine materials and shapes, there are more styles. Customization with individual needs plays a good role in decoration, which can reflect the outstanding taste and fashion sense of the wearer in casual gestures.

How to use    cufflinks: Many male friends around me will ask immediately after knowing this little thing is a cufflink. In fact, cufflinks should be used on special cufflink shirts. If the cuff contacting the skin is called side A, and the other side is called side B, a cufflink shirt means that the side A on both sides of the cuff is in contact with each other, and then the needle connecting the 'button' part of the cufflink is worn from the cuff on the back of the hand. Down, and then through the cuff on the palm of the hand, and fix it. Use cufflinks, don't miss a shirt with cufflinks. Since cufflinks are expensive, it means that choosing a shirt with cufflinks can't be too bad. How to use cufflinks is actually determined by personal habits and styles.

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