China's badge history

by:Ipromo     2021-06-28

The history of badges in China

Badges (logos), in short, are a symbol of identity and work worn on the body. Badges have a very long history. According to archaeological discoveries, badges The origin can be traced back to the totem symbol in the totem worship civilization of the primitive society, clans and tribes.

The first time that the emblem appears in the written record comes from the 'Warring States Policy·Qi Ceyi' 'In the article, it reads: 'Qin faked the way to Han and Wei to attack Qi. The king of Qi Wei made Zhang Zi to respond to it... Zhang Zi changed his badge to mix with the Qin army.' This is the earliest recorded case in our country. But the badge referred to here is substantially different from the badge in the current sense. It refers to the banner in practice. Gaoyou's note: 'The emblem and the name are also...change it to make it the same as the Qin flag.'. 'Chi' means the flag, the emblem is the flag, and the chapter refers to the symbol on the flag.

Later in the Song Dynasty, according to historical records, Song Taizong peacefully prospered the country for three years (AD 978) Years), Li Feixiong used the stagecoach to deceive the messenger, and the court saw through his trickery and cut it everywhere. In order to avoid someone pretending to be a messenger, the imperial court stipulated that each messenger be issued a silver medal with a special symbol, which was worn on the body when entering the court or performing official duties, as a sign, and became a way to strengthen the management of palace affairs. In the Jin Dynasty, the Jurchen sent envoys to go out, let the noble ones wear gold medals, called 'Golden Medal LangjunThese two kinds of badges are engraved with six or seven seal characters to prove the identity and position of the messenger. In addition, in ancient China, the more famous tiger charms, fish charms, waist plates, etc. are the embryonic forms of today's badges, and they already have today's badges. Especially the characteristics of credential badges.

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