China's aluminum profile is diversified, aluminum alloy door and window hardware selection has principles

by:Ipromo     2021-06-28
1. Door and window system

What is a system? A system is a totality of things that are connected and interacting with each other. It can also be said that the system is a totality composed of related parts. It is necessary to comprehensively analyze the constituent units and the final composition. Simply referring to a certain unit or focusing only on the macro-integrity is not a systematic viewpoint method. A system is an organic whole composed of different elements. The system and the elements of the system are relative. What is an element in one system can be a system at another level. There is a whole and a part between them. Relationship.

Door and window hardware system: In the usual consciousness, door and window hardware are just accessories for doors and windows. Although there is a saying that 'hardware is the heart of the door and window systemDoor and window hardware is an organic combination of handle parts (the term 'handle' is provided by the industry encyclopedia) parts, transmission lock parts, hinge parts, auxiliary parts, etc., through the matching and integration technology of the system, serving Subsystem of door and window system. It also needs systematic technical support and after-sales service. We can neither simply talk about a certain hardware product, nor abandon individual hardware components and talk about the concept of 'door and window hardware system'. A systematic concept should be established, and corresponding plans should be made for various hardware products. Within the framework of a large 'door and window system

2. The selection of aluminum alloy door and window hardware in the door and window system

When considering the problem of hardware selection in the door and window system, it is first necessary to have an overall research and understanding of the door and window system. Especially in the design and selection of profile size, it can be said that without good profile as the cornerstone, no good doors and windows can be made with any kind of hardware. The selection of profiles and hardware should be considered comprehensively, and be careful not to select the profile before choosing the hardware. This situation sometimes leads to the lack of matching hardware due to non-standard profiles. Now most real estate developers will consider the fit of profiles and hardware before making a decision. The selection of accessories should consider its versatility and rationality, as well as the craftsmanship and material quality of the accessory production. Of course, there are also matching options one after the other, this situation will definitely bring difficulties to hardware matching.

Load (the term 'load' is provided by Industry Encyclopedia) requirements for the selection of hardware accessories for doors and windows: When hardware is selected, the three functions of doors and windows (wind resistance, water tightness, air tightness) and Performance requirements such as heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation. In 2012, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development re-issued the GB50009-2012 'Building Structure Load Code'. Various parameters such as temperature effect, variable load, accidental load, permanent load, wind load height change coefficient and mountain topography correction coefficient (the entry 'correction coefficient' is provided by the industry encyclopedia) and other parameters have been added and adjusted. The content and method of vibration calculation have been greatly improved and perfected. The basic snow pressure and basic wind pressure values u200bu200bof some cities have been adjusted, and a new national basic snow pressure and basic wind pressure map has been drawn. It provides a more detailed theoretical basis for our calculations.

In different regions and different environments, the safety and wind pressure requirements of doors and windows are not the same. It is necessary to determine the location and number of red dots based on comprehensive calculations of various parameters to ensure the required performance requirements. Generally speaking, the more locking points, the stronger the wind pressure resistance of doors and windows. At the same time, the configuration of the lock points should also be considered. Only when the number and layout of the lock points in the doors and windows are reasonably selected can the multi-point lock play the most effective role. On the premise of ensuring the performance of doors and windows, optimizing the layout of the lock points and reducing the cost of hardware use is the best combination. The calculation of the number of lock points is more complicated. Here is a simplified calculation formula for the number of lock points:

Suppose n is the number of lock points; W is the width of the fan; H is the height of the fan; Wk is the standard wind pressure; the safety factor is 2.5 times, then nu003dW×H× 2.5Wk/0.8 (pieces)
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