Changsha Epoxy Ball Fork Enterprise

by:Ipromo     2021-06-03

Changsha Epoxy Ball Fork Enterprise

Aipuro Crafts Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and customization of golf forks. The business types include: cartoon bottle opener, flashing light bottle opener Opener, magnetic ball fork, hollow bottle opener, three-dimensional refrigerator magnet, frosted refrigerator magnet, cartoon refrigerator magnet, logo refrigerator magnet, magnetic bottle opener, hollow refrigerator magnet, magnet ball fork, epoxy bottle opener, enamel opener Bottle ware, tinplate refrigerator magnets, flashing ball forks, etc. We also welcome people from all walks of life to point out the shortcomings of our products and services. Your criticism is our progress, and your needs are our pursuit. We will definitely go all out to develop in our direction. At the same time, we warmly welcome people from all walks of life and customers to visit and guide the factory.

The refrigerator patch is made of environmentally friendly PVC soft glue or silica gel with magnetic, bright color, vivid image, clear pattern, delicate and soft texture, and clear layers. After patching, you can add LOGO, text, etc. in any form according to customer requirements Information. Refrigerator stickers can also be used as a gift for advertising, which fully reflects the company's brand image. Magnetic refrigerator magnet, Epoxy material. The top of the glue is also painted with coated paper, and a soft magnet is used on the bottom. The peritoneum can be made with glue. The refrigerator magnet is made of magnetic material. The front side of this material is copperplate color printing peritoneum, and the back side is soft magnet. The two can be made by fusion. Paste pvc soft rubber material on the refrigerator. The main component of the product material is the back frame magnet designed with pvc soft rubber adhesive pattern, and the back frame magnet is made by manufacturing technology. Magnetic refrigerator with glass material. The upper part of the vitreous material is color printing of coated paper, and the lower part is a soft magnet, which is fused with the peritoneum of the upper semicircular window.

Magnetic refrigerator stickers are usually used for decoration and also for memos, which are small pieces of paper. For example, if you want to buy vegetables or other foods in the refrigerator, you can write them on paper and then paste them on the refrigerator. There are also refrigerator magnets, thermometer type, photo frame type, detection of whether the refrigerator shell generates static electricity and other functions. Magnetic refrigerator magnets can be made into all kinds of cute animals, cartoon characters, and some landscape features, and they can also be printed on family photos. It is very useful. It has built-in magnets and can be freely attached to magnetic homes. It can be easily removed when not in use.

Changsha Epoxy Ball Fork Enterprise

Our company wholeheartedly cooperates with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad to create the future together, go international with colleagues and customers, make progress together, and build a benchmark enterprise in the industry , Let more colleagues show their own style on the national stage, prove their value, and jointly create an enterprise that can solve, respond, and be spiritual and happy for customers. We keep pace with the times, merge customer first, quality first, respond quickly to customer needs, employees have good attitudes and ideas, production efficiency and quality control have been recognized by consumers for a long time, and we have established long-term cooperative relations with customers . To achieve quality as the truth, customer first, and honesty as the foundation for business.

Magnetic refrigerator stickers can be used as home decorations, decorated on the refrigerator, and can also be displayed and designed in writing desks, cabinets and waiting for your favorite areas. Magnetic refrigerator magnets with embedded magnets are not easy to harm the overall artistic beauty of the appearance, and can be flexibly attached to all household accessories that can be absorbed by magnets. Shop display, photographic background, movie props, three-dimensional menu, like personal collection. There are some key things. You can also write a note on the magnetic refrigerator to remind your relatives, and leave some warm words for your relatives, which is also very warm and brilliant.

Magnetic refrigerator magnets have bright colors and good visual effects. Magnetic refrigerator magnets are also a kind of green creative propaganda. It is no longer a leaflet that can be seen everywhere. Magnetic refrigerator magnets meet people's needs and are a kind of Practical items that can be kept for a long time. Compared with traditional media, magnetic refrigerator stickers are more accurate and economical in advertising. The above explanations are the features of magnetic refrigerator magnets. I hope that reading it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about magnetic refrigerator magnets, please contact customer service online or call our company’s service hotline ( The upper right corner of the website) for consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide you with quality service!

2. After cutting off the rubber stopper, use the spiral drill bit of the knife to drill diagonally into the center of the cork! Don't worry that when you tilt and drill for a while, the wine knife will bend, and when you rotate, it will straighten. Drill a cork that does not break easily in the center of the cork. When you pull up the wooden pole, you can save energy. 3. Rotate the auger into the cork! Please note that if you do well in the last step, the wine knife will be very straight. 4. When the auger is drilled into the cork until there is still a ring, clamp the bottle mouth with a first-class knife, fix the first-class with one hand, and lift the handle of the knife with the other hand, and pull out the cork by the principle of leverage.

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