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by:Ipromo     2021-06-22

  Beer bottle opener is a time-saving and labor-saving beer opening tool. You only need to align the head of the bottle opener with the bottle cap, lift it up with a little force, and the bottle cap will fall off with one swish, which is not only convenient to carry around. , And it's easy to operate. The beer bottle opener is mainly composed of a handle and a long (short) foot. It is easy to pry open the beer lid by leveraging. The current beer opener style is also very unique, hung on the key and carried with you, no different from decorations.

   Drinking is an art, and opening a wine bottle cap is also an art and technique. It takes time to be able to open the cap of a wine bottle skillfully. When functioning a corkscrew, you may feel that the multifunctional corkscrew is not as powerful as the legend, but the function of the multifunctional corkscrew is indeed very large. If you practice it well, you will be able to open a lot of wine bottle caps.

The correct use of    multifunctional corkscrew:

  First wipe the wine bottle clean, first use a knife along the circle-shaped protruding part of the bottle mouth , Cut the rubber cap on the bottle mouth, pay attention to changing hands, do not turn the bottle, if it is an old wine, there will be normal sedimentation at the bottom of the bottle, and turning the bottle will cause the sediment to float. Be very careful when handling tin bottle caps. It often leaves a sharp edge like a razor. Your hand will accidentally touch it, which is very inconvenient. Some wines produced in some countries will have an opening tape on the bottle mouth. It is simple, just tear off the tape. Do not turn the bottle with your hand at this time, because the impurities deposited on the bottom of the bottle may be 'woke up' and affect the taste;

   wipe the mouth of the bottle clean with a table cloth or paper towel, if it is on the cork If mold is found on the top, don't be nervous, it's normal to be a little bit moldy. It can't be said that the wine is broken, just wipe off the bottleneck with a clean cloth. If it is an old bottle with a lead cap, be especially careful, because a small amount of oozing wine will react with lead to generate toxic lead salt;

   then insert the corkscrew of the corkscrew into the center of the cork (If the drill is crooked, the cork is easy to be pulled off), then stand the auger upright and slowly rotate clockwise to drill into the cork. Do not drill the screw auger all at once, it is better to leave a ring. Because I don’t know the length of the cork, if you drill the screw to the end at one time, you will pass through the cork and spill the cork into the wine;

   first buckle a movable joint on the bottle mouth and use Hold the left hand tightly; then use the right hand to lift the handle straight up. Note: The left hand must be squeezed tightly, and the right hand is 'lifting' rather than pushing, otherwise it is easy to infer the cork. In addition, lifting will also save effort, because the longer the force arm, the less effort it will be.

When    is halfway out of the cork, buckle the second joint to the mouth of the bottle and repeat the previous action. Feel the cork stop when it is about to be pulled out, hold the cork with your hand, shake or turn it gently, the gentleman pulls out the cork.

   Beer bottle opener is a small tool for opening beer bottle caps. At present, the common materials are metal, ABS, aluminum alloy, etc. Speaking of which, everyone must have discovered In addition, the material of beer openers is mostly made of harder metal. This is because many beer bottle caps are mostly pressed by machines, and non-metallic materials are very likely to be damaged during the prying process. When it comes to the shape of the beer opener, we can count the following: racket shape, human shape, 'OK' shape, etc., which can be described as diverse and dazzling to choose.

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