Beautiful girls like these two car keychains!

by:Ipromo     2021-06-03

China's sustained economic development in recent years has led to the prosperity of the automobile industry. The development of the automobile industry has also opened up new markets for automobile keychains. So what kind of keychain is the best choice for automobiles? Here are two keychains for girls.

Women's special car keychain pendant

When it comes to keychain pendants, all kinds of keychains may flash in your mind immediately;


But if you talk about car keychain pendants, the picture in your mind may not be as full as before;

And when it comes to ladies car keychain pendants, many people may have a blank mind. !

Car keys are different from ordinary keys. One is that it has a special shape, the other is that the corresponding car has a higher value, and the other is For many people, it may be a symbol of identity or their own value.

Therefore, the pendant of the car keychain is naturally very particular!

For women’s special car keychain pendants, although there are more and more female drivers, it seems that in the car decoration market similar to car keychain pendants, women’s special ones are not so prominent, and even choose Not too much!

Ms. special car keychain crystal pendant

Today these two models are specifically designed for A female-designed car keychain pendant for ladies!

This lady-specific car keychain is made of fine-textured Milan thread and crystal beads. It is hand-woven into 6 pink crystal beads long ears, which has a beautiful meaning of six or six smoothness!

And this crystal bead is a crystal bead with 48 facets using advanced technology, and it is shining at every angle!

The diamond-encrusted cloisonne, the color is delicate and beautiful, looks elegant and beautiful!

The total length is about 13cm, hand-woven live buckle; with the car key, it feels just right in your hand!

The texture and beauty of the crystal pendants further set off the car keys, fresh and elegant, sparkling and lovely!

And such ladies' car keychain crystal pendants are mostly suitable for car keychain special pendants

doped or entrained If there are too many other keys or pendants, it will lose the beauty and reduce the texture!

Tassel car keychain pendant

But if you don’t care about car keychain straps like that If you want a sense of value, or want to be more casual, then you can choose this tassel car keychain pendant

Use high-quality nylon material and color Pure, smooth and comfortable feel

Hand-woven by experienced craftsmen

The tassel length is about 8CM, which is about the same as the length of a car key

In terms of color, the original design is the seven colors of dark burgundy, earthy yellow, dark coffee, autumn green, army green, sapphire blue and color!

Look at it, almost all the colors that women love! Either way, it has its own flavor!

Maybe the choice of women's special car keychain pendants is not as dazzling as other items, but in fact, these two are enough!

Hand-woven, combining texture and beauty, will not scratch the car keys, and it is strong and durable!

Of course, no matter which one you choose, it is recommended to put the car keys and pendants separately, do not stack them with other keys, so as not to cause the car keys to scratch or reduce the aesthetics!

For ladies-specific car keychain pendants, do you prefer shiny crystal pendants or textured tassel pendants?

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