Badge related knowledge

by:Ipromo     2021-06-15

1. Flag chapter. A sign worn by military generals in ancient times to identify the trilogy. 'Warring States Policy·Qi Ceyi': 'Zhang Zi changed his badge to mix with the Qin army.' Annotations from the ancestors of Geng: 'Gao You said: 'The emblem, the name of the banner is also...Tongbai (silk) called Zhang Zhang (frame) , A flag), change it so that it is the same as the Qin flag and chapter, and want to attack the Qin.'Jin Zhengwei said:' The difference is also.''See 'Huizhi'. See 'Mozi·Banner

2. Refers to the flags used to express respect. Jin Luyun 'Ode to Dengxia': 'It is a god, intricately insignia.' 'Wenxuan·Xiezhuang': 'Chong the badge out of Huadian, according to special policies to the city.' Li Shan's Note: 'Zheng Xuan' The note in the Book of Rites reads:'The emblem, the banner and the flag.' And the saying:'Jin, the burial is built by the car.' Mao Chang's 'Poetry' Chuan said:'The chapter, the emperor. 'Elegy': 'Shuli poetry conveys beauty, badges and mourning.'

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