Badge collection potential is considerable

by:Ipromo     2021-06-15

From April 30th to May 7th, the 'Panjiayuan Third National Emblem and Modern Collection Exhibition' was held at the Panjiayuan Flea Market. This exhibition will focus on the past badges show 'Top Ten Sets' and 'Top Ten Independent Articles'. These badges are Mao Zedong's favorite boutiques. The most expensive set is 70,000 yuan, so collectors love the badge collection again. The huge potential of the market.

Emblems integrate painting, calligraphy, sculpture, embroidery and other arts into one, forming pressure, paint, porcelain, mosaic, gilding, enamel and other techniques in one. Thousands of possibilities can be described. It is the cohesion between changes and changes. These works have a unique historical imprint, and the chapters have a touching charm. Collecting badges systematically is the key to success.

The value of the badge mainly has the following points: First, it depends on whether it is rare, such as the chapter 'Mao Zedong Adaptation to the Three Bays'The War of Liberation, the 'Beishan Member Badge of the Farmers Association of Yongxin County, Jiangxi' and other early badges of the party building army are now hard to find, and the current price has become 10 times. The second is to look at the number of circulation. For example, in 1955, the 'Independence Medal' was the highest award since the liberation and was awarded to the cadres of the Red Army. The number of cadres in the anti-Korean War troops was small and the value was so high; To the shape of the badge is complete, the word is clear, and the material is valuable.

Learn about the history of fine selection. Such as a memorial battle, an event issued by a badge. The People's Liberation Army issues medals to officers with the approval of the Central Military Commission or the General Political Department of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. The military and military production committees must report to the Ministry of General Political Affairs for approval. In the Revolutionary War, the Chinese People's Liberation Army did not uniformly issue and issue medals. During the Agrarian Revolutionary War, there used to be the 'Dongjiang Anti-Riot AwardThe Eighth Route Army of the Liaodong Military Region in Yan'an awarded the medal for victory in the War of Resistance Against Japan. During the War of Liberation, many armies and field troops commemorated the victory and battle in the theater. The badge belongs to the history of witnesses. In the beautiful world of luck, you will feel the history Collection, collection of culture, collection of civilization.

The collection of badges allows every family and everyone to understand, and its broad mass and diversity are hard to match. 'Currently, there are a preliminary estimate of 150,000 national badge collectors, of which Chairman Mao is like a 'red' badge fan accounting for one third,' said Ma Jingjun, director of the Badge Professional Committee of the Beijing Collectors Association. The rise of favorite chapters, badge collections and red collections have gradually become the two major categories of Chinese private collections. More and more people are obsessed with them. The price of many scarce boutiques has increased more than a dozen or even hundreds of times 20 years ago. According to the current market conditions, some badges in the period and early days of the Revolutionary War will cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. A set of Chairman Mao Zedong took 34 poems in the collection of poems as the theme, and created the 'Little Poetry' badge. The market has risen to a high of 70,000 yuan.

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