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Metal badge manufacturers teach you what is the use of pregnant women badges

Metal badge manufacturers teach you: pregnant women badges are mainly designed for pregnant women who are not obvious in the early stages of pregnancy, or who are relatively obese. Markers. The launch of the pregnant woman badge makes it easier for the citizens to identify pregnant women who wear the badge, so that more pregnant women can enjoy the care of the society.

Pregnant mothers in the first trimester are extremely prone to bleeding or even miscarriage due to external stimuli, overwork and other reasons, but they are difficult to get help because they are not very pregnant.

As a socially disadvantaged group, pregnant women need the care of the whole society. After wearing the maternity badge, pregnant women can convey to the public: I am a pregnant woman and I have a child in my belly. Thank you for your help.

Pregnant women should receive special care in public. This is the care that a civilized society must. However, in most pregnant women, the abdomen is not obviously raised in the early stages of pregnancy, so it is difficult to identify.

Especially in transportation, a passenger found a woman with a large dress and a slightly raised abdomen. Although he realized that she might be a pregnant woman and she also had a sense of public morality to give up her seat for pregnant women, he was worried that she might misidentify a woman who is not a pregnant woman as a pregnant woman, which would cause embarrassment, so he hesitated whether to give up her seat. And most pregnant women are not ashamed to take the initiative to declare their identity as pregnant women, but can only endure it.

The care method of wearing a pregnant woman badge:

On the bus

Respecting the old and loving the young, being civilized and courteous are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation! As the descendants of the dragon, we should take the initiative to give up seats for those around us in need! Especially when the bus sounds 'Please take the initiative to give up seats for the old, weak, sick, disabled, pregnant, and needy passengers aroundAffect every passenger around-civilization in Changsha is happy with me! Xing respects the old and loves the young, spreading Chinese civilization!

When queuing

Do you know the harm to the body of pregnant women who stand for a long time? Modern medical research shows that pregnant women who stand for a long time are not only prone to fatigue, but also prone to poor blood return problems such as backaches, varicose veins, and edema. If they are coupled with long-term work pressure, they may appear The danger of premature birth. When there is no access for pregnant women, please take the initiative to help them!

When smoking

Data shows that 10% of infants die suddenly from secondhand smoke! Pregnant women in a smoky environment will not only have their own resistance decline, carbon monoxide and other toxic gases will reduce the maternal blood oxygen concentration, which will lead to hypoxia in the fetus; the addictive drug nicotine in tobacco can cause blood vessel narrowing and make The blood flow slows down, which means that the nutrition and oxygen provided to the fetus will be reduced, which is likely to cause the baby to be delivered prematurely. For the health of you and others, please do not smoke around pregnant women and children!

Elevator room

It is possible for pregnant women to climb stairs, but it is not recommended to use stairs as exercise, because as pregnancy progresses, pregnant women gain weight, blood volume and stroke volume It also increases correspondingly, which in itself increases the burden on the heart, and climbing stairs to overcome gravity is a more laborious aerobic exercise, so it is not suitable for pregnancy. Usually there is a feeling of weightlessness when taking the elevator, and generally will not cause harm to the fetus in the abdomen. Because the elevator space is relatively small, please give more space to pregnant women in the elevator!

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