Australian Prime Minister: No country can lift so many people out of poverty like China!

by:Ipromo     2021-06-12

Australian Prime Minister Morrison, 'a sudden change in painting style' toward China?

'No country can lift so many people out of poverty like China.' Just when the Guizhou Provincial Government announced on the 23rd that all impoverished counties in the province have achieved poverty alleviation, Morrison praised China's poverty alleviation work in a think tank meeting on the evening of the 23rd local time.

Combined with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the 'Australian Financial Review' report on the 23rd, Morrison was at a British think tank 'Policy Exchange' that day A speech was delivered at the meeting.

ABC: Morrison called on China and the United States to 'reduce hostility' at the British think tank policy exchange meeting

Recently, Australia Repeated provocations on issues involving China's core interests have led to tensions in China-Australia relations. However, in his speech on the 23rd, the signal sent by the Australian Prime Minister was somewhat different from the past.

According to reports, when talking about Sino-US relations, Morrison said in his speech that Australia does not want to be forced to adopt a “dual choice” between Washington and Beijing. He also said that Australia's actions were not part of 'strategic actions to try to contain China.'

“Our actions have been mistakenly viewed and interpreted by some people from the perspective of strategic competition between China and the United States.” Morrison claimed, “It’s like Australia as an independent A sovereign country does not have its own independent interests or opinions. This is wrong and it unnecessarily deteriorates the relationship between the two countries (China and Australia).'

ABC stated that Morrison’s speech will be seen as a denial of the Trump administration’s sharpest controversy against China. ABC believes that Morrison is trying to restore the ************************ department.

In addition, Morrison also specifically mentioned in his speech that China’s economic rise is good for Australia and the global economy.

After that, he strongly praised China's poverty alleviation work. 'No country can lift so many people out of poverty like China.' He praised.

However, while trying to repair Sino-Australian relations, according to ABC reports, Morrison continued to complain in his speech and accused Beijing of “refusal to communicate with Australia”. He declared, 'The communication lines between the two countries must be kept open...especially in the case of differences and misunderstandings.'

Morrison also continued to argue: 'Unfortunately The thing is, at present, in our own relationship, these communication channels are not what we hoped to be-but it is not caused by Australia’s behavior.'

It is not the first time that Morrison has accused China of China-Australia relations. After the Chinese Embassy in Australia claimed that Australia's wrongdoing had caused tensions in Sino-Australian relations, Morrison responded that Australia will always be Australia and Australia will make decisions based on its own national interests and values u200bu200band will not change its own policies.

In response to Morrison’s remarks, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian responded on November 19 that China has repeatedly stated that Australia has repeatedly involved China’s core interests and major interests. Taking wrong words and deeds on issues of concern and provoking provocative and confrontational actions are the root causes of the current difficult situation in China-Australia relations.

Zhao Lijian said that Australia should face up to the crux of the setback in the relationship between the two countries, take China’s concerns seriously, and take concrete actions to correct wrongdoings. I would also like to emphasize that mutual respect is the basic principle for handling state-to-state relations. We are firmly opposed to harming the interests of other countries under the banner of safeguarding our own national interests, and imposing our will on others under the pretext of safeguarding our own values.

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