Analysis of common problems in custom keychains

by:Ipromo     2021-06-17

If there is a problem with the keychain product, it will naturally affect the customer to a certain extent. Therefore, before the problem occurs, it is necessary to 'worry and worry about the world first, and enjoy the world afterwardsEven to avoid a lot of trouble in the future, since the factory was established for so many years, we have discussed the problems that customers often encounter when returning, and pointed out certain solutions.

1. The buckle does not go well

The buckle part of the keychain is naturally the most important. Some customers find that some buckles cannot be opened at all after receiving the goods, or The return file is not smooth after pressing. This product must be a defective product. According to the quantity, if you find too many such problems, you must contact the manufacturer to settle the claim.

2 .Scratch on the surface

The most common surface of the keychain is electroplated nickel, nobelium plating, gold plating, etc. These electroplated products are easy to scratch, just like the screen of a mobile phone, when they encounter sharp objects There will be scratches after rubbing, so the manufacturer will suggest that the customer’s product and the product are packaged separately, so that there will be no problems during the transportation to the customer.

3. Lack of quantity

This is a very serious problem. After the customer gets the goods, they must check in time. If there is a problem with the quantity of the product, they must Contact the manufacturer as soon as possible, and after verification to make up the number, this kind of problem usually occurs less, because the factory usually sends more, and rarely misses and less sends.

4. Surface bumps

After the customer gets the goods, the surface of some products will not be smooth, and there are some bumps or bubbles. This kind of product It is an electroplating problem, which is also a defective product. In addition, the surface of the product is not smooth if the front of the product is not cleaned. These are all defective products. If this is too much, you must contact the manufacturer to request after-sales service.

5. Degumming and aging

This situation is unavoidable. This kind of problem will naturally occur when things become permanent. We can only control time. Long and short, to make this happen less, such as: not exposed to high temperature, not placed with corrosive materials, and avoid the product from getting damp.

6. Pendants are easy to drop

Keychain products with pendants are generally metal chain types, and metal chains are purchased outside, and then the factory itself Installation, during installation, it will ensure that each product is clamped by the clamp ring, but after all, it is not welded and sealed, and the product cannot be intact after withstanding a lot of pulling force.

7. Fading and peeling paint

Fading and peeling paint are relatively rare. For example, some products will fade under the condition of acid-base imbalance. For example, the LOGO part is used for stickers and printing products; when the product is scratched or hit by a hard object, the paint will fall off. Under normal circumstances, metal keychains will not be painted or enamel unless the surface is powder-coated. Paint off.

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